In principle and practice, AAUW values and seeks a diverse membership.  There shall be no barriers to full participation in this organization on the basis of gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or class.  Membership is not by invitation.  AAUW is looking to be more inclusive, rather than exclusive. Member benefits are numerous.

Dues are $118, which includes $67 National Association dues, $13 State dues, $13 Branch dues and $25 Woman’s Club fee.  Branch AAUW members who are also members of the Woman’s Club do not pay the Woman’s club fee.  Click here to join.

Membership Details

Individual Member

  • Eligibility. A graduate holding an associate or equivalent, baccalaureate, or higher degree from a qualified institution or a foreign degree acceptable as a basis for admission by graduate schools at qualified universities of the United States shall be eligible to receive admission to AAUW membership; such membership shall be granted upon payment of AAUW dues.  The provisions set forth in this section are the sole requirement for eligibility and admissibility to membership.  Refusal to admit an eligible graduate to branch membership shall result in loss of recognition of a branch.
  • Determination of Admissibility to Membership.  Any graduate who claims qualification for membership in AAUW and who has been refused admission to membership by an officer of a branch or of AAUW may present credentials to the AAUW Board of Directors for review.  The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final.
  • Saving Clause.  No individual member shall lose membership due to any changes in the status of the educational institution upon which qualification for membership was based.
  • Categories of Membership
    • A national member is an individual who pays annual AAUW dues and who may or may not belong to a branch and/or state.  A national member shall be entitled to vote and service on AAUW committees and the AAUW Board of Directors.
    • A branch member is a national member who is also a member of one or more AAUW branches.  A branch member shall be entitled to vote, hold office, and participate in all branch activities and programs of each branch where membership maintained.
    • Life Membership
      • Paid.  An individual member may become a life member upon a one-time payment of 20 years’ dues, based on the amount of AAUW dues the year the member elects to become a life member.  Thereafter, the life member shall be exempt from payment of AAUW dues,
      • Fifty-Year Honorary.  An individual who has paid AAUW dues for 50 years shall become a life member and shall thereafter be exempt from the payment of AAUW dues.
      • Privileges.  A life member of AAUE who maintains branch membership on an annual basis shall be entitled to all branch privileges. A life member of AAUW who does not maintain branch membership shall be entitled to national member privileges only.
      • Partner Member.  College/university partner members are qualified educational institutions, including two-year or community colleges that pay annual dues to AAUW.  Each college/university member shall appoint one or two representatives who shall each have the membership benefits of a national member and any other benefits that accrue to representatives of partner members.  A representative of a college/university partner member may choose to affiliate with a state or branch following the procedures set forth in the state or branch bylaws.
      • Other Partner Members.  Other partner members include educational or other institutions and organizations meeting criteria established by the Board of Directors.  Such partner members are not entitled to vote or hold office but may participate in AAUW activities and programs.

Student Affiliates

An undergraduate student enrolled in a qualified educational institution shall be eligible for student affiliations.  Student affiliates shall be entitled to attend branch, state, and AAUW meetings and receive the publications distributed to all members of AAUW.  Affiliates may not vote or hold office.  Membership is $23.50.